Electric Blanket Single / Double / King size Washable Electric Blanket

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Electric Blanket Specifications - 220-240 V~50Hz, Fast Pre-Heat, 3 Temperature Control Settings, Automatic Overheat Protection, Independent Detachable Controller, All Night Use

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YC-COMFY ELECTRIC BLANKET - Brand New Single / Double / King Size Electric Washable Heated Under Blanket With 3 Temperature Control Settings

Specifications. -

220-240 V~50Hz
Fast Pre-Heat
Temperature Settings - 3 Temperature Control Settings
Automatic Overheat Protection
Independent Detachable Controller
All Night Use

Single Size: 60x120cm approx 3 Temperature Control Settings
Double Size: 110x120cm approx 3 Temperature Control Settings
King Size:
130x120cm approx 3 Temperature Control Settings

How to use

  1. Your electric blanket should be placed directly to cover over the body after inner cloth on the surface of the body with the power lead near the edge of the pillow.
  2. YC Electric blanket size is such as to give even all over warmth for the whole body surface.
  3. When connect the plug to the power point and switch on. The flexible cord and switch must be kept outside the bed and away from open windows or exposure to moisture.
  4. It is recommended that the cord switch is set to either position '1' or '2' for 15-20 minutes before going to bed and then can be turned down to setting '1' or off altogether depending on your own requirements.


Check daily that your Electric Blanket is flat, fully spread out and secured before switching on.

Failure to observe these instructions will cause overheating. This Electric Blanket is not recommended to be used on an adjustable bed, if used on an adjustable bed, check that the Electric Blanket or cord cannot become caught or rocked.

  1. Make sure that the heating area (element) on any side of the bed does not hang over the edge of the mattress; that the means of attachment are adequate and suitable for the particular mattress; and that the instructions which follow are read carefully before using the Electric Blanket.
  2. The appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons without supervision. For human use only, not pets.
  3. Young children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
  4. Prolonged application at the high setting can result in skin bums.
  5. Do not tuck in.
  6. Do not use tucked or folded.
  7. Keep the control unit away from an open window.
  8. Do not use pins-they may damage the electric wiring.
  9. Be sure that this Electric Blanket is used only on an alternating current supply circuit of the proper voltage.
  10. he supplied flexible cord and switch must, as far as practicable, be kept outside the bed.
  11. Do not switch the power on if the Electric Blanket is wet or in a folded state.
  12. Switch off at the power outlet and remove plug when this Electric Blanket is not in actual use.
  13. This Electric Blanket must be kept in the fully spread condition at all times during use to avoid overheating. It is imperative that the Electric Blanket be frequently inspected to ensure that this condition s is being maintained.
  14. Bedclothes should not be folded back when the Electric Blanket is switched on. Do not leave heavy objects on the Electric Blanket when the unit is switched on, e.g. folded blankets or suitcases.
  15. Don’t dry clean this Electric Blanket.
  16. Persons suffering from bed-wetting should not use this electric blanket.
  17. If any abnormality or defect in operation of this Electric Blanket is observed, discontinue its use immediately and consult the manufacturer or the supplier regarding its repair.
  18. The Electric Blanket should be examined frequently for signs of wear, either of the Electric Blankets, controller, and the flexible cord. If wear is visible, the Electric Blanket should be returned immediately to manufacturer or supplier for inspection and overhaul. Servicing, by law, must be undertaken by a qualified and registered person.
  19. It is recommended you follow instructions for localized soiling if a small amount of soiling occurs.
  20. The Electric Blanket must not be used over or under a water bed.
  21. You may notice a blue flash in the switch when it is moved from one setting to another. This is NOT dangerous and are only the copper parts making contact.
  22. It is recommended that your electric blanket is inspected by a qualified and registered person after 2 year of use.
  23. When storing, fold neatly but not tightly (or roll) without sharp bends in the heating element and store where no other objects will be placed upon it.
  24. Avoid pressing creases into the appliance.

Compulsory warning

  1. If the supply cord is damaged it must be discarded.
  2. Care and maintenance Before cleaning
  3. Disconnect the Electric Blanket from the main supply, and then disconnect the controller from the Electric Blanket by lifting the retaining clip on the connector then separating the two parts. Store the controller away carefully.


  1. Do not dry clean the Electric Blanket.
  2. The blanket has waterproof heating elements making it safe to immerse in water and wash by machine. Always remove the controller first do not allow any part of the controller to be immersed in any liquid.

Machine wash

  1. With the controller detached the Electric Blanket can be washed in a machine (size permitting)
  2. Wash on WOOL or DELICATES cycle with a neutral detergent or mild soap powder at a wash temperature of 30 degrees centigrade. Do not use high speed or extra spin cycles.


Drape the Electric Blanket over a clothes line to dry do not use pegs to secure the blanket. Allow to dry naturally don’t allow any form of direct heat such as a hair dryer or heater. Ensure that the Electric Blanket and its connector are fully dry before re-connecting the controller and using.

Damage checking

The Electric Blanket, controller and cable must be regularly checked for damage. If any damage or wear is found have the Electric Blanket checked by a qualified engineer.

Environmental Protection

Waste electrical products should not be disposed of with household waste. Please recycle where facilities exists.

Check with your local authority or retailer for recycling advice.



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